Our kids are the best cure for boredom. They are so different, funny and completely carefree. They always run, jump, shout and pose funny faces – that is why we love them ;) Yes, sometimes they don’t want to be educated by us, but just look at their photos, they are copies of us!

Our meeting will be in a calm atmosphere and I won’t count minutes and shots,I will try to make you and your kids feel interest and fun in these moments. On this photo shoot children are allowed to do everything and parents shouldn’t abuse them. How sweet are their little heels, bow lips,folds on plump legs, funny face, clumsy steps, twinkles in eyes, cheerful  laugh and even tears on their cheeks. All this we will forget in years, but photos will help us to save this unique BEST MOMENTS OF LIFE forever.

For me family photo shoot is a tradition. Nothing strengthens the family better than a big and beautiful family photo in a living room.

Come for that unique photo, which will decorate your family wall. And the most important thing- make sure that you took your parents with you. Come with all your family members, it won’t affect on cost ;) I hope, this photos will be worth not only family photo albums. Let’s save the BEST MOMENTS OF LIFE forever.